Saturday, 29 October 2011

Glass Painting and Coaster Making

I went to a shop in Manchester called Fred Aldous to see what paints I could pick up for glass and porcelain. I found some paints and pens for them so I got porcelain paint in black, a pink porcelain pen, and glass paints in brown and red. I just got a couple of colours each to play around with. I also found some glass circles which I bought in a few sizes to play around with. Here I have painted a tree onto one of the glass circles, I still need to put it in the oven!

Glass paints. I did not realise that you are supposed to mix these paints with a solution called vitrea, which I discovered after reading the label properly when I got back to Leeds! I have used them as they are anyway to see what happens, I need to find out vitrea actually is.

I bought some transparent coasters which come in two pieces so I can create an image to put into the coaster and they pieces slot together around it. I did some paper cutting with the paper I made using a craft nice. It was quite difficult as the paper is quite delicate and easily tears. I found it difficult to get the circle the right size and shape using a craft knife. I tried to add more detail to this around the edge and I ended up tearing it slightly. I want to do it again and be more careful!

Playing around with image ideas and getting used to cutting the paper. I want to continue paper cutting and develop the images for the coasters.

To be continued...

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