Sunday, 26 September 2010

Photos from my window

The Corn Exchange at night all lit up!


New York Street.

Photographing Leeds

View from the window.

Demolished Building.

Hifi Club and Oxfam.

Coffee shop.


Organic Foodstore.
Leeds Market Building.

Corn Exchange.

Around every corner there is a Greggs.

Leeds Market.

Our first brief is based around Leeds as a city, encouraging exploration and discovery. We are working in groups to create a fanzine on something we are a fan of... In our group we have decided to focus on certain distinctive buildings which can be easily recognised by newcomers to the city, each of us picking a building. From there we will be mapping the distances to good places to go- 'A Walking Discovery Guide'. I am particularly interested in finding open spaces and parks within the city as I live in the city centre. It will be interesting to discover parks, benches and open spaces; places to sit in the fresh air, or simply people watch. Intially I have been photographing around of places I think are worth visiting close to the Corn Exchange. From these photos in our groups we will develop illustrative drawings, writing about places and create a way of mapping place to place. I would also like to discover all of the best tearooms! From the fanzine we will then be designing our own 24 page book, we will be book binding which I am really looking forward to.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Plaster Plaster..

Clay and plaster, we had to pick a phrase/word/saying relating to 'how to make the world a better place' to write in clay and cover in plaster. I chose 'Go everywhere, Do everything' as it is the advice my next door neighbour gave me before I came to university. She is basically like a Gran to me, my brother and sister, I love that this is the advice she gave me the night before I left!

Sleepyhead, ellaborated on a previous doodle of mine, I do not know how to turn the photograph the right way round, I've tried many times!

Nice textures.

I really enjoyed clay and plastering, it was good to try something I have never done before, although carrying them home felt like carrying bricks! And I also did not seal one of them properly, I missed a tiny bit and the plaster spilt on the floor, my shoes, my trousers... I guess someone had to do it! All in all a good day.