Wednesday, 25 April 2012



The tutorial today was really really helpful and I am feeling much better and confident about what I am doing. I was really honest with Marianne about how down I was about the crit before Easter and it really affected what I was doing. I started to question everything and becoming unsure. I have been doing work over Easter but at a slow place and lacking in motivation.

Marianne encouraged me and has given me some guidance and confidence in what I am doing. I am also feeling much better about using the printroom which will help push my work further. She re assured me that I am doing the the right things to produce work and it is okay to question myself. It is part of the journey of the project and a learning process.

I need to build up the pace and finish making for the Corn Exchange exhibition and other things such as the zine etc. I must include all this in my evaluation and reflect on my practice.

I feel much better and hopefully my work pace will speed up as I become more motivated. Marianne also mentioned about some Zine workshops that are being run by the people who did Loosely Bound and that they need people to run the workshops. I think this would be really fun and exciting and a good experience so she said she will get in touch with them and find out how to get involved!

Travelling Book Project

This is a really cool project. Four Artist's; two from Belfast and two from America, posted a journal type book to each other every week. They completed a two page spread each week and sent it on to the next artist, throughout this time not having contact with each other besides sending on the book. I think this is such an exciting idea and I have read about it being done in a few different ways around the world. Similar to the 1000s journal project but with less people creating the content. The book becomes fatter and fatter, full of all kinds of content, the book becomes the artwork in itself.

Oliver Jeffers

I really like Oliver Jeffer's illustrative style and format of his picture books. The illustrations reflect the moods and events within his stories. The stories are sweet and whimsical.


I have started doing some illustrations based on some photos of Garnets. The photos are really atmospheric, I want to capture the mood of the photos through colour and line work. This is an initial sketch.

Comments Book

Emma Fish asked me if I could make a comments book for the People You Should Know exhibition which was pretty exciting as I haven't made a hard back book for a while. I decided to make it very clean and simple as Emma wanted, I used cartridge paper and a plain beige cover, bound together using Japanese binding.

I hand painted and drew some type to go on the first couple of pages, with information about the exhibition, when it is and who is in it etc. I really like hand drawn type and did a few different ones to scan in and play around with.

The finished book, A4 size, Japanese Bound.

Page 1.

Page 2.

Emma was pleased with the book when I gave it to her, she said it was just what she wanted, nothing too over complicated. Overall, I am pleased, Emma's happy, and I got to bookbind!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Screen printing

I had a full days screen printing yesterday and got a lot done. I am not completely happy with the prints as my paper was not all the same size and the layers don't all line up. I am going to go re print them and print on to some different papers. I am happy with today even though the images are not right as it got me into the flow of screen printing and I'm feeling much more confident about going to print my final images.

Many, many prints! 

Some lining up issues, I want to rectify this when I go back in the print room. 

Final Edith Piaf

I can't decide whether to screen print the image A3 or Square 40x40cm and create a record style sleeve for it to go in.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cargo Collective 

I emailed Cargo Collective and they sent me back a reply and an activation code to create a site! I have activated it and all but now comes the time where I have to get my head around how to put work on it etc. I want the design to be really clean and clear. I am going to use this as a website with more complete pieces of work on and less wordy than my blog. My blog will be for documenting my work, interests and research.

Let's get started.