Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Comments Book

Emma Fish asked me if I could make a comments book for the People You Should Know exhibition which was pretty exciting as I haven't made a hard back book for a while. I decided to make it very clean and simple as Emma wanted, I used cartridge paper and a plain beige cover, bound together using Japanese binding.

I hand painted and drew some type to go on the first couple of pages, with information about the exhibition, when it is and who is in it etc. I really like hand drawn type and did a few different ones to scan in and play around with.

The finished book, A4 size, Japanese Bound.

Page 1.

Page 2.

Emma was pleased with the book when I gave it to her, she said it was just what she wanted, nothing too over complicated. Overall, I am pleased, Emma's happy, and I got to bookbind!

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