Saturday, 30 April 2011

Strawberry Book

Hardback Cover covered in Strawberry pattern material.

Book finished standing up.

The Hardback cover with material glued on and drying on the windowsill.

I used a thick card for the hardback cover and covered it with some material, left it to dry for a couple of days to make sure it is strong and sterdy.

I then made the inside papers, cutting and folding to size and using double sided sticky tape to stick together in the zig zag form. It was quite fiddly but I really got stuck in and enjoyed it. I like the inside papers in this because they can be used for notes or journals on both sides, or to create long illustrations or stories.

There are some parts that need improving, such as the neatness of the inside papers, as I was working it out as I went along. Also, I used glue to begin with to stick the red coloured paper on the otherside of the hardback which made it go all bumpy. When I discovered this I rectified it on the other side by using double sided sticky tape which worked much better. I want to experiment with this technique and use what I have discovered suring this process to make changes and improvements.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

More Books

Life As a House Pocket Journal

Leather Journal

I like the illustration design on the cover of this journal. The red stitching against the brown leather looks really good. It is a simply designed book good quality and strength for its purpose.

Upcycled Wallpaper Journal

Leather Journal/Diary/Book

The cover of this book is very simply designed with the tree illustrations against the brown suede. I think it works well as it does not over power the many details of the book; the binding, the elastic tie, bookmark, the double fold out cover, the hand torn paper. All of these details create a tactile physical book which is exciting in itself before any content is created. It is an artwork in itself. I really like this idea for the hand torn paper, not all perfect but the book is made to a good quality.

'Filled is this softcover journal with acrylic-stained paper, hand torn and carefully bound with strong linen thread. The paper is smooth and takes all writing instruments and will also work great as a sketchbook for dry media'

Hand-made Book

I really like this idea of using an old book cover and binding in pages to create a work book. Adding details such as the ribbon book mark, the cover is not always in good condition but I like this; when you can tell a book is well loved, and used for what it was made for. A well made book is important, so it can contain the content; writing, drawing, materials, doodles, stories. When sketchbooks and notebooks become really fat with content and the pages aren't necessarily flat and perfect it adds to the aesthetic and becomes engaging.

Hand-made Journal

These paperback journals have 30 pages for drawing, writing, doodling. They are sewn together with strong linen thread. I have began to use different thickness and strengths of threads as this does affect the quality of the book. For smaller books normal thread works fine, but as more pages are added stronger thread needs to be used.

'The wrap- around picture on the front and back of the journals is of a tenement in the West End of Glasgow. (for those of you who don’t know what a tenement is – it’s a block of flats which share a common central staircase. Tenements are usually 3 - 5 storeys high, with two to four flats on each floor. Scottish tenements are constructed in terraces of tenements). This particular sandstone tenement is in the West End of Glasgow and was built around the beginning of the 20th century'

I really like the illustration on the cover of the journal, creating a certain aesthetic and design making the journal more personal and eye catching. I would like to create some illustrations to present on book covers of this style. (Single Signiture Pamphlet).

Monday, 25 April 2011

Japanese Bookbinding

I really like the aesthetic created using the Japanese Bookbinding technique. It is a longer process than the making the Single Signiture Pamphlets. I enjoyed it and would like to experiment with different papers and sizes as my skills get a little better. I did find it it difficult to keep the inside papers lined up, this is a challenge I am facing through all the techniques I have tried so far. Even if all the papers are the same size lining them up in the binding not always easy. I want to try Japanese Bookbinding with Hardback Covers, I will have to experiment with this in the Bookbinding studio as I don't have the equipment to do it at home.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Handmade Books

Single Signiture Pamphlets.

I have been really enjoying making these. This technique is accessible to everyone even if you don't have all the right equipment. You can make a lot of different books. Now that I am feeling a bit more confident, I have started to experiment with the size and shape of the covers and inside papers.

The first one I made in this A5 size is the blue cover one on the right, as you can see the inside paper is not quite as big as the cover. I then made another one and rectified the size of the inside paper to be the size of the cover. As you can see in the red cover book on the left, there is an improvement in the sizing and planning of the book.

Red cover, with heavy weight paper inside. I really like this paper, its an off white marble paper, better quite than the plain paper.

Tiny tree! I really enjoyed making this, although I found it difficult to cut the papers all to the same size. I think this is something I need to work on whilst working on smaller books with more intregate shapes.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


I really got quite alot done, I made a few books, here is my first book, its tiny!

I spent quite a lot on nice papers the other day for making the books which I love, and hate at the same time as I haven't got very much money, but it will be worth it! I have been really enjoying making the books so far, more to come...

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fleet Foxes, Grown Ocean

Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean from Fleet Foxes on Vimeo.

I really like the way this video is shot, the film format and way it has been edited and put together create a lo-fi feel. It feels very personal like a home video.