Saturday, 30 April 2011

Strawberry Book

Hardback Cover covered in Strawberry pattern material.

Book finished standing up.

The Hardback cover with material glued on and drying on the windowsill.

I used a thick card for the hardback cover and covered it with some material, left it to dry for a couple of days to make sure it is strong and sterdy.

I then made the inside papers, cutting and folding to size and using double sided sticky tape to stick together in the zig zag form. It was quite fiddly but I really got stuck in and enjoyed it. I like the inside papers in this because they can be used for notes or journals on both sides, or to create long illustrations or stories.

There are some parts that need improving, such as the neatness of the inside papers, as I was working it out as I went along. Also, I used glue to begin with to stick the red coloured paper on the otherside of the hardback which made it go all bumpy. When I discovered this I rectified it on the other side by using double sided sticky tape which worked much better. I want to experiment with this technique and use what I have discovered suring this process to make changes and improvements.

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