Sunday, 1 May 2011

Musical Book

I had the idea to use musical paper that I had to create the cover of a small notebook. I used thick card and covered firstly with brown parcel paper and then with musical paper, the brown paper shows on the inside cover.

Brown paper inside cover. I made a little hole on each side using a craft knife so I could insert the ribbon which will tie the book together and protect the inside papers. I used double sided sticky tape to then stick the ribbon to and then folded the edge of the music paper inside onto the brown parcel paper to seal the cover.

Front cover in process.

Completed cover seal and folded with the ribbon tie.

The inside of the cover, brown parcel paper.

Both complete, view on outside and inside.

I am making the pages of the book as I did previously with the Strawberry cover book; zig zag long paper folded and stuck together, 14cmx61/2cm. I really like the way it folds out and that it creates a long continuous paper to fold out or can use as seperate pages.

Final Book tied, I made it so you are able to untie one or both ribbons, leaving one tied makes it easy to look through, untie both and you can fold out the inside papers fully depending on content. I like how you could create two different contents to the book in one. E.g. continuous illustrations along one side, and on the other notes or writing.

I really like this book and I am very pleased with the design and the way it turned out. The ribbon detail adds to the book and its use. Making it easy to look through the book as you normally would or fold out the zig zag fully. I feel that I made improvements to this book, learning from the previous Strawberry Book I made using this technique. The inside papers are neater and were much easier to put together this time. I used double side sticky tape instead of glue so it is neater.I found I knew what I was doing a bit better and generally like the aesthetic and design of this book. One of my favourites so far.

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