Sunday, 8 May 2011

Last Night I had the Strangest Dream.

I am thinking the theme for my book will be dreams. I keep having really clear, strange, and very real feeling dreams, I have been writing them down. But I think concentrating on illustration one well is what I am doing at the moment along with learning the Bookbinding. I will then have to decide the best way to bind the book.

Dream on 1st May

I had a very confusing dream, I was babysitting my friend's baby (she doesn't have a baby) and all of a sudden her and my parents ran away and left me with the baby. I was very angry-'How could they do this to me?' I thought. I was angry because I had an interview and they knew and had left me. (an interview for what I do not know)
I was in Stockport running around, being chased by a random stranger, then all of a sudden in Leeds, and then in Stockport Cineworld(where I used to work) I was trying on clothes in the screen, which wasn't actually a screen. There were people from Leeds everywhere. I was trying on jeans when my old boss walked by and I asked her about getting my old job back (something I did in real life) and explained that I needed to know either way so if not then I could look for another job (true) Then all of a sudden I was in my room at home and the baby had turned into a bear, I began to panic, WAKE UP!

I am playing around with illustrating this dream, although I did have another dream that I would quite like to illustrate if I can.

Second Dream

I had a dream that I was going out with my friends but I was running particulaly late and felt rushed and annoyed. Then I don't think we went out in the end and the next thing I knew I was at a Bruce Springsteen concert in my garden with my Dad and brother, there was a big crowd over the fence but we were the only ones at the gig. There were some random people there, dancing around. Next thing I know everyone dissappeared and I was sat in a tree listening to Bruce Springsteen playing Van Morrision (Brown Eyed Girl) Then everyone appeared and I was taking photos of Bruce and my brother and he didn't want his picture take. Then we sat down for dinner. The crowd over the fence were screaming and cheering. Bruce told us what he thought about each of us. We were definately on first name terms..

My family would find it funny that I dreamt about Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison, as we have grown up with them being played and are all fans thanks to my Dad, he's seen Bruce twice.

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