Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Blog

I have began a new blog on Tumblr. It is less wordy than my blogger and easier to navigate for me and other people. I am using it to mainly blog my work, however it is really good for keeping following and bookmarking work and artists that I like. It feels fresher and looks more professional.

I have also put a link to my Tumblr on my Cargo Collective site. Its sort of an online sketchbook.

Online Shop

I have tried to set up my Folksy but I had some issues verifying that it was me at the final stages before setting up shop. I have set up paypal but as I couldn't get onto making the shop on Folksy, I have put my work on BigCartel. Unlike Folksy, who charge for each item you put in your shop, BigCartel do not charge when you use the basic package. The basic package includes 5 items, 1 photo per item, url.

Etsy seems to be a popular online shop used by a lot of people I have been looking at. They also charge per item you put in your shop.


Memo were at the International Book Fair and at Handmade in Bradford as well. They use etsy to sell their work and this is a new zine of theirs, selling for £4.00. The cover is screen printed, with 24 pages printed onto recycled paper. If I want to produce more books/zines I need to think about where I sell them and how they are made. I like the fact that they have used recycled paper. Screen printing books covers is something I really wanted to do.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Garnets Website

My friends band Garnets have used the Grizzly Bears on their website, which has just gone live. They seemed to really like them and said they fitted in perfectly for the beginning and end of the website, the text I drew is also similar to the text used throughout the site.

Monday, 14 May 2012

In Search of Moths

I have finished the bear zine/story, finally! I am pleased with the way it has turned out although I think the illustrations could be developed more and it would benefit with more hand painted type accompanying the images. I am pleased with the aesthetic of the book, the thread stitching looks really cool and was really quick and easy to do.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cargo Collective

I am finally getting my head around creating an online portfolio/website using Cargo Collective. It is actually not as difficult as it seemed before, I just need to be patient and experiment with the layout and learn how to use it. I am pleased with the way it looks so far, I am in the process of selecting work to put up.

I have chosen a really clean and simple layout which looks quite professional and is easy to navigate. I don't want it to be too cluttered and I want projects and work to be easy to find and clearly labelled.

I'm still not sure about all of the folders/projects I have created yet, I may change or rename some of them and a few don't have anything in them yet as you can tell! I keep changing the order and experimenting with what goes where. 

How it looks at the moment...

I discovered how to add an image to the top of the page, I want it to say 'Good Day' so I put this together to see how it looks. I may do some drawings and refine the type and things but this is the sort of thing I want at the top.

Photocopying Mission

I decided to try photocopying the pages of the Bear zine in black and week so I could figure out pagination etc. It took a lot of upside down and wrong attempts to get it in the right order. I photocopied 10 copies of it in black and white, I really like the imperfections in the photocopies, although it would be good if the type was darker as its a little hard to read. The water colour illustrations loose a little of their effect as well in black and white. Some pages work, and some don't. I was also talking to Abi about photocopying and she informs me that you can actually play around with the contrast and things on it so the type could be copied darker. I'll give it a go!

The type is readable but very faded. 

The water colour back ground are completely lost on these images.