Sunday, 13 May 2012

Photocopying Mission

I decided to try photocopying the pages of the Bear zine in black and week so I could figure out pagination etc. It took a lot of upside down and wrong attempts to get it in the right order. I photocopied 10 copies of it in black and white, I really like the imperfections in the photocopies, although it would be good if the type was darker as its a little hard to read. The water colour illustrations loose a little of their effect as well in black and white. Some pages work, and some don't. I was also talking to Abi about photocopying and she informs me that you can actually play around with the contrast and things on it so the type could be copied darker. I'll give it a go!

The type is readable but very faded. 

The water colour back ground are completely lost on these images.

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