Monday, 7 May 2012

Side by Side

I'm trying to improve my photoshop skills have been quite limited so throughout this project I have been trying to learn more about it and ways to use it. I feel myself and my work would benefit from this. I have been playing around with this illustration, adding colour and experimenting with layers, possibly turning into an image ready to screenprint.

I also know how to prepare an image for screen printing now, separating each colour into a separate layer and printing each layer in black and white. This is very useful as I am really enjoying the screen printing process and feel I am learning and improving my skills in this area. The experience of screen printing my Edith Piaf piece for the People You Should Know exhibition was a learning process as my first attempts were not so good so I had to re print them.

I have been wanting to get stuck into printing all year as I have never had the opportunity to develop skills thoroughly in this area so I am pleased, I feel much more confident to go to the print room and prepare images to screen print on my own without being guided all the way through as previously.

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