Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cargo Collective

I am finally getting my head around creating an online portfolio/website using Cargo Collective. It is actually not as difficult as it seemed before, I just need to be patient and experiment with the layout and learn how to use it. I am pleased with the way it looks so far, I am in the process of selecting work to put up.

I have chosen a really clean and simple layout which looks quite professional and is easy to navigate. I don't want it to be too cluttered and I want projects and work to be easy to find and clearly labelled.

I'm still not sure about all of the folders/projects I have created yet, I may change or rename some of them and a few don't have anything in them yet as you can tell! I keep changing the order and experimenting with what goes where. 

How it looks at the moment...

I discovered how to add an image to the top of the page, I want it to say 'Good Day' so I put this together to see how it looks. I may do some drawings and refine the type and things but this is the sort of thing I want at the top.

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