Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pricing my work

For the RAG week Village Fete I made and sold handbound books with ink illustrations on them. As I didn't end up selling that many as it wasn't very busy in college, I am going to set up a folksy to see what response I get from the online creative community.

At the fete I priced the books at...

  • A4 Sketchbboks- £3.00
  • A5 Sketchbooks- £1.50/£2.00
  • A6 Sketchbooks/Notebooks- £1.00
  • Grizzly Bear poster- £0.80
  • Postcards- £0.60
  • Notecards- £0.20
  • Grizzly Bear Zine- £0.50

For the online shop I am pricing the books slightly higher as it is a different audience and context I am selling them in. I need to make sure I earn money for materials, time and make a profit. I am pretty clueless about pricing my work so I talked to Marianne about it in my tutorial and we decided on some prices...

  • A4 Sketchbboks- £7-50
  • A5 Sketchbooks- £5-00
  • A6 Sketchbooks/Notebooks- £3-50
I haven't put my name or a link to my blog anywhere on the books so I need to make a bussiness card or possibly turn the postcards into a alternative bussiness card with my details on it. 

I need to find out about postage costs too, how much it will cost to send each book and buy envelopes/stamps etc. 

First step though, set up Paypal and then get my Folksy page and everything up!

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