Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Focus Points

My good friends Garnets are wanting some artwork done for their double single release in a couple of weeks. They want the artwork to be done without hearing their songs, just given the titles. 'Dance with the Chloroplasts' and 'Mother and the Daughter'. I've sketched a few ideas down so far, I really want to produce something good and professional so I want to take give myself enough time to do so.

There are a couple of other things that I really must do and have been meaning too for ages now but this week has been taken up by finishing work for the People You Should Know exhibition on Friday. I am pleased with the comments book I produced and I'm satisfied with my Edith Piaf print, though I think it could be better. Getting stuff on etsy and finishing my zine are a must for this week! I feel these tasks have been dragging on forever.

Blogger has also decided it won't let me upload any more photos so I am slightly behind on my blogging, I need to figure out how it will let me upload more!

To summarise, this week I will be...
  • Producing Garnets Illustrations for double single release.
  • Getting stuff on Etsy!!
  • Finishing bear zine.
  • Carrying on with illustrations/making and producing work.

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