Wednesday, 25 April 2012



The tutorial today was really really helpful and I am feeling much better and confident about what I am doing. I was really honest with Marianne about how down I was about the crit before Easter and it really affected what I was doing. I started to question everything and becoming unsure. I have been doing work over Easter but at a slow place and lacking in motivation.

Marianne encouraged me and has given me some guidance and confidence in what I am doing. I am also feeling much better about using the printroom which will help push my work further. She re assured me that I am doing the the right things to produce work and it is okay to question myself. It is part of the journey of the project and a learning process.

I need to build up the pace and finish making for the Corn Exchange exhibition and other things such as the zine etc. I must include all this in my evaluation and reflect on my practice.

I feel much better and hopefully my work pace will speed up as I become more motivated. Marianne also mentioned about some Zine workshops that are being run by the people who did Loosely Bound and that they need people to run the workshops. I think this would be really fun and exciting and a good experience so she said she will get in touch with them and find out how to get involved!

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