Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ante Bookfair 05/05/12

Yesterday I went and helped out Loosely Bound at the Ante Bookfair in Shipley. They run a zine workshop for kids so I went along to help out and it was very fun indeed! The kids got really into and had the best imaginations. Working with them to create stories, adventures of aliens, creatures, drawings of everything and anything, they came up with some crazy and amazing stories.

I drew the name Freddy and I asked a girl called Izzy, who is 7 years old, what does Freddy look like? And she said he has really long hair and a tiny body. So, here is Freddy!

Some of the drawings and zines the kids were making.

A pink monster who is really good at Karate, by 7 year old Izzy.

A Muck Monster called Katie, by Izzy.

Adding more to the Pink Karate Monster.

I drew a character called Mr Stripey, Izzy came up with the rest of the story for Mr Stripey Adventures!

Marriane's son Jake's drawings in his zine. He was really interested in space and we talked a lot about the sun and moon and galaxies. 

Jake and Robbie making and drawing.

Izzy's brother called Bill, who is 6 years old, came up with this story about a knight in his castle. The little yellow door is the entrance and inside is his castle full of dragons. He also drew a lot of super heros with special powers, called Super and Hero. We also debated about whether Batman can fly, it was 50/50.

I was a bit nervous about today but I had a really fun day and the kids seemed to really enjoy the workshop! They were so creative and imaginative, the stories they came up with were brilliant. I would love to do workshops like this again and more often.

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