Thursday, 10 May 2012

Leeds Love Affair

I got really excited as Leeds Love Affair tweeted that they had bought one of my Edith Piaf prints from the People You Should Know exhibition! They posted a photograph on twitter about the exhibition and my work, its really exciting as I have never had anyone buy my work before. It is a confidence booster, and plus lots of people follow this blog so will see it. They are now following me on twitter too which is really cool as they post about all kinds of things happening in Leeds. Having a twitter does have its benefits! I am happy.

They also wrote a full blog about the exhibition, its really good to see the exhibition, all Emma's work and our work being talked about and appreciated after all the work and preparation that went into creating the exhibition. It advertises it more as well so more people may come visit during the week!

Link to the full article-

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