Monday, 23 May 2011

Round Edge Binding

A day in the bookbinding studio, I learnt how to produce a round edge bound book. It is a long process, definately worth it as the resulting book is this beautiful bound journal with heavyweight paper on the inside.

First I had to tear the paper to the right size using a ruler as a guide, then fold into 8 sections of 4 pieces of paper. Using the bone folder to make sure it stayed neat and did not ruin the paper. I then started to sew the sections together, using strong thread and two strips of material on the spine, sewing around them and attaching the book together. I then glued it all together and and waited to dry. I then added a mesh piece of material and glued on again to strengthen. Then came the part to make a round edge. To make it you have to use a hammer and bang the binding of the book to make the curve spine. Roger demonstrated this to me, it was tricky and took a while.

Then came making the cover, I chose red as I thought it would look good for the journal. I cut the hard board to the right size, a little bigger than the inside paper. Then measured a space in between the front and back for the spine and cut a piece of paper to the right size. Then glued to the material and placed in the vice to dry and strengthen. Then came attaching the book with end papers. Gluing a strip of the end paper to the first page and gluing to the cover of the book. Then again the same for the back, and there you have a round edge bound book. This book seems very personal and I love how fat it is. Ideally you would leave the book in the vice overnight but I left it in for half an hour to set as I couldn't live it overnight.

I would love to do this binding some more, but it is a very long process so would need lots of time! I'm glad I got to learn it and I will do it again if I get the chance.

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