Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hand-made Journal

These paperback journals have 30 pages for drawing, writing, doodling. They are sewn together with strong linen thread. I have began to use different thickness and strengths of threads as this does affect the quality of the book. For smaller books normal thread works fine, but as more pages are added stronger thread needs to be used.

'The wrap- around picture on the front and back of the journals is of a tenement in the West End of Glasgow. (for those of you who don’t know what a tenement is – it’s a block of flats which share a common central staircase. Tenements are usually 3 - 5 storeys high, with two to four flats on each floor. Scottish tenements are constructed in terraces of tenements). This particular sandstone tenement is in the West End of Glasgow and was built around the beginning of the 20th century'

I really like the illustration on the cover of the journal, creating a certain aesthetic and design making the journal more personal and eye catching. I would like to create some illustrations to present on book covers of this style. (Single Signiture Pamphlet).

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