Friday, 24 September 2010

Plaster Plaster..

Clay and plaster, we had to pick a phrase/word/saying relating to 'how to make the world a better place' to write in clay and cover in plaster. I chose 'Go everywhere, Do everything' as it is the advice my next door neighbour gave me before I came to university. She is basically like a Gran to me, my brother and sister, I love that this is the advice she gave me the night before I left!

Sleepyhead, ellaborated on a previous doodle of mine, I do not know how to turn the photograph the right way round, I've tried many times!

Nice textures.

I really enjoyed clay and plastering, it was good to try something I have never done before, although carrying them home felt like carrying bricks! And I also did not seal one of them properly, I missed a tiny bit and the plaster spilt on the floor, my shoes, my trousers... I guess someone had to do it! All in all a good day.

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