Sunday, 26 September 2010

Photographing Leeds

View from the window.

Demolished Building.

Hifi Club and Oxfam.

Coffee shop.


Organic Foodstore.
Leeds Market Building.

Corn Exchange.

Around every corner there is a Greggs.

Leeds Market.

Our first brief is based around Leeds as a city, encouraging exploration and discovery. We are working in groups to create a fanzine on something we are a fan of... In our group we have decided to focus on certain distinctive buildings which can be easily recognised by newcomers to the city, each of us picking a building. From there we will be mapping the distances to good places to go- 'A Walking Discovery Guide'. I am particularly interested in finding open spaces and parks within the city as I live in the city centre. It will be interesting to discover parks, benches and open spaces; places to sit in the fresh air, or simply people watch. Intially I have been photographing around of places I think are worth visiting close to the Corn Exchange. From these photos in our groups we will develop illustrative drawings, writing about places and create a way of mapping place to place. I would also like to discover all of the best tearooms! From the fanzine we will then be designing our own 24 page book, we will be book binding which I am really looking forward to.

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