Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Poverty Aid

I saw some really cool old pottery in Poverty Aid the other day, there is so much amazing old stuff there! I really like the shape and simple pattern on these mugs, there are an off white colour which I really like and brings an older aesthetic to them. A good tea cup set!

Woodcarving, must take real skill and patience!

I really like the idea of attaching a handle to the pot. I like the bold blue colour of this pot too. I have not yet made anything that has a lid, I would love to make a tea pot or storage pot like this! I have spoken to Andy about it and he has explained that there are difficulties when it comes to the lid as it is quite intricate, possible to make with clay though! I hope the skills I am gaining through this project will build up to making something more complex like this.

Some ornant sculptures in the clay. I thought this was interesting design, although not really what I am interested in exploring. I want to create more usable ceramics.

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