Monday, 10 October 2011

Mug Making Day 4

Some really interesting ceramics I saw waiting to go into the kiln at college. The cuts off from the bowl have been put together to create an abstract sort of bowl below. Slip paints have been painted and dotted onto the clay, the colours will come out brighter in after firing. Slip paints are hard to predict!

An attempt at and different kind of handle, not very pleased with this.

I have added some illustrations and carvings into the clay. Just using simple lines and mark making. I have added text to some of the images which was quite diffcult as it is hard to get all the letters equal and the right shape, curves such as on 's' are hard to do.

Some mark making monsters.

Wrapped in cling film so the clay won't dry out and I can come back and work on them.

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