Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wood Work

So yesterday I went and spoke to Matt in wood work to find out about booking into a laser cutting induction, as it turns out, all the laser cutting inductions are fully booked until Christmas! He did say that if I had something small to cut out then he doesn't mind doing it if I have the correct illustrator file and know what material I want. He said that sometimes people don't turn up when they have booked in for an induction so I could turn up on a Monday morning at 10.30 to see if there is any chance of getting into the induction. I will do that the first Monday back after reading week! The induction is at 10.30- 12.00. The laser cutter is having walls built around it over reading week so there won't be access to the wood work studio. I asked about what is available to do in wood work and I have arranged to go and try wood carving on Friday morning. He told me about other things to do that mostly involve cutting and joining wood, I can try this too and see what I can make. I was thinking of maybe finding some wood to carve into such as a log or large piece of a tree.

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