Friday, 28 October 2011

Pyrography Pen

Jonathon let me take a few cut offs of wood to experiment with the pyrography pen. He gave me a range of light and dark wood to see how they work with the pyrography pen.
Woods I have;
  • cherry
  • elm
  • oak
  • jeluton
  • beech
  • ash
  • tulipurced
  • sapele
  • walnut
  • pine
First I tried mark making with a slanted tip of the pen on cherry wood. There are many different shape tips to use but I am starting with a simple one to see how easy/difficult it is to mark make on the wood and create shapes.

I like the aesthetic the pen creates, I have started going along the grain of the wood as I have been warned it is quite difficult to create images against the grain. It gets a bit smokey.

Now I tried going againt the grain in smaller lines, it wasn't too bad on this wood.

I tried to draw some clouds, it was quite hard to keep the curved lines neat!

Dots and lines, seeing how different marks in the wood look.

After mark making and getting used to how to handle the pyrography pen I then tried to create an image onto a block of oak wood.

My friend Lucy had warned me that the tip of the pen becomes loose after a while and need tighening. It started to do this but as it is so hot I had to switch it off and let it cool before tightening. It made creating the image more difficult as the tip kept twisting as I was trying to make marks on the wood. I want to try more and see what images the other tips for the pen can create. I like this process and aesthetic of the lines and image on the wood.

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