Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What to do in reading week?

As there is an elective in the ceramics studio from Monday-Thursday, I won't have access to the workshop for most of the week apart from Friday. Andy has said it will be okay for me to come in and pick up my work that will be in the kiln over the weekend and also I am hoping that there is space I will be able to do some glazing if my work is put into the kiln over reading week. Andy has said the that both studios are very busy on reading week so the chances are I won't be able to work really in them. So, what is my action plan for reading week?

  • Go into college to pick up work, glaze if it is ready, if I can work in there at all, then do!
  • Laser cutter, investigate.
  • Pyrography pen, research, investigate, explore.
  • Drawings/sketches/ideas/designs to transfer onto mugs.
  • Mug design ideas.
  • Paper making, bind some papers together, make envelopes!
  • Print out illustrations Lasertran to transfer onto porcelain mugs.

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