Monday, 10 October 2011

Mug Making day 2

Thursday 6th Oct in Ceramics Studio.

I experimented with applying colour to the mugs and carving into the clay. I used slip paints which I found quite tricky as it is difficult to see what colours you are applying. E.g. The colour of the slip paint for blue is a pale pinky colour before being put into the kiln for the biscuit firing, even then the colour doesn't come out fully until after the glaze or oxide has been applied.

I experimented with applying the slip paint in different ways, with a paint brush and with a squeezy tube (which has a more official name that I cannot remember). Using the tube was quite difficult as the paint came out in splotches and my hand isn't the steadiest!

Hopefully this will look like a sunset when out of the kiln, it could go really right, or really wrong!

Slip paints.

I accidenatally splotched a blob of back slip paint onto the mug, I tried to clean it up but it did not go so well!

I carved into one of the mugs making it look like a tree! I want to use oxide to cover the mug and see how it turns out. I am using these mugs as an experiment to see how the colours and drawing techniques turn out.  After speaking to Dom I have discovered that the colours and glazes are unpredictable and you never know how they will turn out until the end, so the best way to get to know them and how they turn out is to play around and explore the possible outcomes.

Carving into the clay.


  • Make more mugs!
  • Try and make the mugs thinner and more delicate.
  • Think about how to make stacked mugs.

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