Thursday, 20 October 2011

To do

I have a lot to try and explore over reading week. The crit helped me it made me excited to go and explore and I just need to go and talk to people and get on with it! I am going to finish the mugs I have made that are currently in the kiln and then no more! I want to try transferirng images onto them using lasertran. I need to go speak to people in the workshops surrounding ceramics such as wood work and metal work, find out more about what is available and arrange a day to spend in each or something. I need to research further into glazes/oxides and find out more about possible outcomes and broaden my knowledge of the materials. Over reading week I am going to spend a day preparing an image on illustrator to create a file for the laser cutter. I have never used illustrator before and this prospect scares me slightly.

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