Sunday, 16 October 2011


Today I had a go at working with porcelain, Andy and Dom have both pre warned me that it is much more difficult to work with than clay as it stains easily and is very delicate. Dom rolled out the first piece to show me how thin you can get it, it is able to go very thin and still be sturdy. I washed the rolling pin and everything before hand as the porcelain stains very easily and will show up even after being in the kiln. So its important to have clean cloths and knives etc.

Dom advised me that it is important to keep turning over the porcelain as I roll it out each time, I found it difficult to roll out evenly, and I was afraid to roll it out too thin so was being overly cautious.

Rolling around the tube was pretty difficult as the porcelain was still quite soft and easier mis shaped, I have hopefully not indented it with my fingerprints too much!

First one done! I have left the bases and handles for another day as I have been informed before with clay and now with porcelain that it is best to leave it to harden and stregthen slightly before finishing. This prevents me from mis shaping or indenting the porcelain when it is still soft and becomes easier to handle as it hardens.

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