Sunday, 23 October 2011

Glass results

More mugs after biscuit firing, ready to glaze.

Glass out of the kiln! Andy showed me how to make a mould out of plaster that this piece of glass will sink into to create a bowl shape. I am pleased with how the colours and image turned out.

The leaf turned black! I am surprised with the result of the leaves in the glass. The effect of the high temperatures of the kiln on the colour and aesthetic of the leaf is really interesting and unexpected, and I like it!

This piece has come out particulaly crazy. I used some coloured frits and in the middle I placed a leaf. The leaf has almost fully disintegrated and a bubble has formed in the middle of the glass! I don't know if this is because there was trapped air or whether it was because I hadn't cut the glass to the same size. Fascinating though!

The colours of the tree have darkened in the kiln and some have blended together.

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