Thursday, 13 October 2011

What to do

After discussing with Graham about what would be best to continue with I really need to sort out my time and ask about when the ceramic workshop will be open on reading week. I have been deliberating as at the beginning I wanted to try so many different processes such as clay, glass, pottery, paper experimentation, I thought I wouldn't have time to try everything and began to panic slightly. We talked about what would be best and came to the conclusion that I will carry on with clay but sort out at least a day each to work with the other materials and processes as I may want to combine them or take them further. If not then it will stand be in good stead to use them later on in the year if I know the basics. I am happy about this because I did want to learn the basics of each thing in the beginning and develop skills further, I just need to organise my time and talk to Andy to make sure I can try everything and continue with clay making as I am really enjoying it. Graham also suggested booking in to try the laser cutter, I have never used it in my life so I need to go and investigate!

To do;

  • Organise days to try glass, pottery, more paper making
  • Discuss the possibilities within these processes with Andy
  • Find out more about the laser cutter, book?
  • Carry on with clay work independently, use time in studio with tutors to learn new processes
  • Illustrations, ideas to put on to objects
  • Experiment!
  • Basically, carry on living in Ceramics!

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