Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mug Making Day 1

Andy showed me the art of mug making today and I loved it despite making a few mistakes, but it was my first time! Once he had demonstrated the process to me I went for it and made three mugs on my own, some of them are slightly wonky as I was working with wet clay but I like that handmade feel to them. I can't wait to practice and maybe make some different shapes and patterns into the clay!

Firstly, put down a cloth and a slab of clay (grey clay, stoneware), then place another cloth on top and bang with a rolling pin pin. Keep on turning over the clay and making sure it doesn't stick to the cloth. Once it has spread out start rolling from the middle, keeping pressure even on the clay so that it stays the same thickness.

Place two strips of cardboard on the sides and roll out the clay more to an even consistency.

Measure around a tube that will form the inside of the mug as shown below, and measure onto the clay. Then but using a knife and wooden strip as a ruler. Mistake I made; I used the wrong side of the blade of the knife, this makes the line uneven and removes clay that it shouldn't, use the blade side for a neat edge! I also made the clay slightly too fat.

Then to measure out the base, place the mug onto rolled out clay and use knife to mark around the base. Then glue using clay mixed with water. Place on to spinning top and cut around the base at a slant.

Then use a piece of wet cloth to smooth round the top edge and remove from the spinning top. Be careful with wet clay as I found it mis shapes when picked up and touched! I need to get used to the clay and then way it works.

I made the handle by rolling a smaller piece of clay and then creating texture into it using corrigated cardboard, then attach on using the clay and water mixture (slip). Using a wet paint brush to brush around the joint once pressed against the mug firmly.This was a bit more fiddly and I found it difficult to get an even thickness and the shape I really wanted them to me.

Four mugs I made! All different sizes, shapes, wonkyness! I am pleased and excited to go back and put into practice what I learnt and make improvements! These mugs are drying out before going into the kiln.

Hungarian porcelain pot, I really like! I want to try working with procelain and hand paint on to the mugs I made today and more.

A few more pieces of paper I made today. I got so into mug making that I didn't get chance to play around with putting different fibres and materials into the pulp. I want to do that tomorrow.


  • Neaten up mugs before putting into the kiln, make more if I have time.
  • Sketch some ideas for mugs, teapots, bowls. What material would be best?
  • What objects could I put into the paper to create moulds?

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