Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pyrography pen

I have tried using the pyrography pen on more different types of wood. Creating an image onto ash wood here I found very difficult. I couldn't get the lines even and neat. It was hard to smoothly make a mark in the wood. The texture of the wood didn't feel right along the grain and against it and it does not look particularly good.

I tried to create letters and woods on the wood which I enjoyed. The curves of the letters can be quite difficult, and getting the type the same size. I like the un evenness and hand written type though. This is jelutong wood.

This is a significant number for me. I want to do more on this block of sapele wood. Its a darker wood than the previous woods I have been using. It is very smooth and easy to mark make onto and create images. I found the curves easier to do on this wood. I really like the darker, reddy tones to the wood and the number.

To be continued...

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