Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Glass bowl and Mugs!

I am really pleased with the result of my glass bowl! Andy had to put it in the kiln twice as the first time the glass didn't dip into the bowl shape fully. But after the second time it fully dipped into the plaster mould and now is a fully working bowl!

Some more mugs. I really like the light oatmeal glaze on these porcelain mugs, I want to use it again on my last few mugs to glaze and then use some lasertran images.

I am a bit dissappointed with how the colours came out on these mugs, I put oxide colours over the carved illustration but the colours have come out quite dull and not how I would of like. This is a risk with working with oxides and glazes, they are unpredictable.

I would have liked the colours to come out bolder and brighter, not so much as block colours.

I am pleased with the monster mug! The colours have come out well with the monster image.

I just used transparent glaze on this mug as I wanted to keep the illustration clear. I am glad I did as the image is still visible and would not have been if I had applied oxides as I did with the previous mugs that did not come out how I had hoped.

So many mugs...

I really like the wonky shape of this mugs but not the way the oxides have turned out. The colours are dull.

Key points
  • The oxides did not turn out as I had hoped and I am dissappointed with some of the results.
  • Light oatmeal colours comes out well and I can apply this to my last set of mugs.
  • The carved images in the mugs come out well with transparent glaze.
  • Some of the oxides over complicate the mugs and remove the focus of the illustration.
  • I need to blend in the oxides when applying them to prevent block colours.
  • I like glass and I'm very pleased with the results of the bowl.

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