Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Village Fete Proposal

As our brief is to devise and deliver a stall in groups for the Village Fete during the workshop I spoke to Joe Alexis and Emma Fish and we had similar ideas about what we want to do, we have teamed up to produce a handmade card stall. The cards will be Christmas themed and we are all using different making techniques. Joe is going to screenprint and I am going to use felt and embroidery. I have a few ideas about designs for the cards such as robins, gignerbread men I need to think about how many different designs to do according to the number of cards I am making and the time it takes me to make each card.

Initial Proposal

What is our stall?

Selling Christmas cards and possibly decorations.

How much space will we need?
  • A table to put all cards on display. 
  • Display the cards in boxes, show boxes? Making it easy for people to flick through. 
  • Display an example of each design. 

Why is it attractive to our audience?

  • As our audience is art students, students and teachers they will be interested in handmade crafts and buying them. 
  • They will appreciate the time and skill in each card and their individuality. 
  • They will be able to buy individual cards or sets giving them a choice. 
  • The cards will be affordable and unique. Its Christmas card season!

Strategy to get people to the stall;
  • Brightly coloured table cloth attracting attention.
  • Plate of sweets.
  • Tags with prices and offers e.g. 1 card for a decided price but 2 for a discounted price.
  • Give people the option to mix and match.
  • Sign saying what we are selling, emphasis on handmade.
We then asked approximately 10 people Vis Com how much they would be likely to pay for a handmade Christmas card and the majority responded saying they would pay £1.50-£2.00 as they are handmade and unique. They also said they would be likely to buy packs if there was a discount price. 

To do;

  • Discuss between us how many cards we should produce each.
  • Figure out a set price for individual cards and packs, taking into consideration the cost of materials etc.
  • Buy parcel string to tie around the cards. 
  • Think about how to make our stall as successful as possible, affordable pricing covering costs and also making a profit, make an attractive stall.
  • Sketch ideas and designs for the cards, how many different designs to do?
  • Estimate how long each card will take to make, think about the best way to produce them in the time we have and to a high quality.

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