Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Book Binding

I printed out two copies of my book to take to bookbinding to be on the safe side. I really enjoy book binding and I am really pleased with my final book, its so good to see it all come together. I choose and reddy, brown colour for the cover as I feel it complimented the colours within the content of the book and the paper. I used the same off white textured paper for the inside cover of the book as I wanted to keep it clean and simple. I really love the colour of the cover and I used a cream coloured thread for the binding.

I did make a second copy of the book, however I am less pleased with the quality of it compared to the first one. I did not cut the hardboard completely exact so one side is noticeably bigger than the other. It is also not as sturdy as I did not tighten the thread enough. I am still happy I have two copies though.

My first copy, entitled '100' will go in the exhibition. The second copy, entitled 'One Hundred' I will hand in with the rest of my work.

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