Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Exhibition Piece

I went to Digital Print first thing this morning to print my exhibition piece. I put together three versions and I have printed all of them out A2 size so I can see which one works best in layout and and presenting the illustration and text in the best way.

I have layed out this piece landscape as all of the illustrations in my book are landscape, however I am not keen on this version for the exhibition as I think the text is too big and the layout is not quite right. I feel it would be better portrait for the exhibition.

I wanted to see what the text would look like on A2 tracing paper over the A2 image of Dorothy Custer. I really like this format in the book and think it works really well. However, the text over the image at A2 size I don't feel works as an exhibition piece as the text overpowers the image, taking away the character of the illustration I am trying to convey. I think it is a bit too busy.

I laid the three A2 images next to each other and asked people in the studio which version they preferred and they all said this one which I agree with. I feel that this layout with the text a smaller size below the illustration works really well for presenting in the exhibition. Out of the three I have tried this is the clearest and simplest layout A2 sized, the text does not take away from the image and vice versa. I think people will be intrigued to read the story from the illustration, which will then make the illustration and character of Dorothy more apparent. Her personality will unfold as they read the comical story and I think it will engage the audience.

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