Monday, 30 January 2012

Final Book

These are my final illustrations and type to accompany the 100 year old people I have been reading about. Each piece of text presents something of key importance that I have read about them or they have said in interviews. The quotes range from sentimental to comical and I feel represent their sincerity and character. I am pleased with my collection and and feel that is flows and has a focus.

 I was thinking of formatting the book in Indesign, however, I have been experimenting and I feel that the text would look really effective if printed onto tracing paper, with the illustrations printed onto heavy weight off white paper, layering the text over the image. I think it will create exciting element to the book and subject within it, simple and adding to the handmade feel within the book with the hand painted type and watercolour illustrations printed on textured paper. The book will be 18 pages plus a title cover which I still need to do but I am unsure of the title. I want it to be really simple, something like '100' or 'Happy, Healthy, 100', I'm going to experiment with some hand painted type to see what works best.

I intend to then Japanese bind the book, I need to think about the colour of the cover and thread as they need to be in keeping with the colours and theme in the book. I have received positive feedback on this idea on how to bind the book, people were really enthusiastic about it in the Final Crit and I am eager to go and bind it on Monday!

I have inquired about printing onto tracing paper in Digital Print and there is some heavyweight tracing paper that can go through their printers. The only problem is that Digital Print is fully booked up, so I am going to get there very early to make sure I can print in the drop in.

Exhibition Piece

I still need to think about how I am going to lay out and format my exhibition piece, which is going to be an illustration of Dorothy Custer from her interview on Jay Leno. I want to include the story she told as a longer piece of text written in the same style as in the book, using blue ink and a paint brush. The story she told stood out to me as it is a comical tale and the way she tells it is so animated and her personality and character shine through in the interview. She is kooky and happy, I want to emphasize this in my illustration which I need to work on.

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