Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tutorial and Evaluation so far


The tutorial with Matt has really helped me and given me a focus to what I am doing in Visual Language. As I have been gathering research from lots of sources such as articles and talking to people I have found that the stories and direction of the project was becoming overwhelming and I kept trying to go from one thing to the next without really being able to get into what I was doing as I was trying to cover too many different areas.

The response from the people I asked about their identity and what makes them who they are was really interesting. It ranged from comical to quite serious, people interpretted the writing in different ways. Although this is interesting and I enjoyed reading what people had told me, the range was too broad and the stories were becoming unrelated, not a concise collection.

I discovered an article about 100 year old twins and best friends which I thought was really sweet and I began illustrating from photographs within the article and really getting absorbed in the story and work. I tried illustrating some of the stories people had told me but became frustrated as I was not liking the work I was producing and not getting into it because of this reason, it felt a bit scattered.


I am now concentrating on the story of the 100 year old twins and best friends, creating a collection about 100 year olds and stories they may have, creating a more concise, focused collection. I feel really excited about the direction the project is taking as I feel I can go into more depth as I have a central theme. I need to do more research into 100 year olds and find more articles, I find it so fascinating reading these stories. I have just discovered an article about a 100 year old man who runs 10 miles a day and ran a marathon in Canada recently which is absolutely amazing. I couldn't even run a marathon now.

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