Friday, 6 January 2012

Aya Kakeda

'Ritual Blanket', Embroidery, 2007

This is embroidery is from the Tale of Troy series, an ongoing project/story. The use of colour against the background makes you concentrate at the detail in the image and characters as it is not over complicated with too many colours. I particulaly like the red colour.

'Story of an evil Nanny and 3 children', Embroidery, 2004

'The Evil Nanny', Embroidery, 2004

The 'Story of an evil Nanny and 3 children' series, framed and exhibitioned on a wall. I like the lone standing wall and wallpaper print.The different sizes and shapes of the frames create a more interesting compostion and way of presenting the series than if they were all framed the same and lined up neatly.

Great Disasters and Lost Landmarks in NY

(1853-1858) First World Expo in USA took place in Crystal Palace. Located where Bryant Park now stands, the Crystal Palace burned to the ground in the morning of Oct 5th, 1858 in just 20 minutes.

Flux Factory Gallery, Embroidery, 2007, NY

There is a narrative and story behind these images, signifying a dramatic events in history. Kakeda conveys these events with her illustrative style. This is what I want to do, convey important moments, create meaning within my work from the stories I am told.

New York Times Illustration

Theres loads more of Aya Kakeda's work on her website.

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