Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Initially, I wrote a paragraph at the beginning of the book for people to read and respond to. A few prompts for them to write as much as little as they want to. I didn't get as many responses as I should have done, I found it quite lengthy to explain what I was doing. I could maybe have formatted the paragraph better and got people to write on separate postcards or something that made it clearer. This contributed to my struggle with trying to create a collection that related to each other and added to my frustration. I really like the responses I did receive.

Story from Sarah Reid.

Story from Anne Reid

Story from George Reid

Story from Gabi Howells

I started drawing and responding to my Mum's story about how much she hated black pudding because of the time she had to work in a black pudding factory. I was trying out paint and pen to see what worked but I do not like the work I produced. 

I was really excited at the beginning of the project but I lost that in excitement when I got overwhelmed by the direction. I am glad that I spoke to people and got some responses. Even though I became frustrated with my work at this point, I feel it was a necessary process for me to go through to get to the point I am at now. Focusing on the other aspect I began exploring in my research about the 100 year old women and collecting more stories about 100 year old people. I feel excited again and I'm getting really into the subject.

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