Thursday, 12 January 2012

The direction I am headed

The article is a series of photographs of the women with them talking about their lives over the top. It follows them as the are celebrating their 100th birthday with their family and friends.

The two images above are my favourite photographs from the series and I am pleased with the overall image. I used water colour and pen, I wanted to use brighter colours than in the photo, not necessarily creating an exact replica of the photograph. I want to create interesting illustrations showing their character, not just copying the photograph. I have bought some better quality paper as the paper I used was not the best and the ink bleed a little.

I am less pleased with this image. I used some different pens and paper to experiment but I like the shades and colours better on the previous image.

I got some new inks recently so I thought it was time to bring them out of their cases. This is a quick sketch using ink and water with a paintbrush. I really like the colours and aesthetic it creates. I also love this image of the twins.

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