Friday, 6 January 2012

Genevieve Dionne Wood Burning Work

I have been reading through a book I have called Illustration Play, theres loads of interestnig work and artists featured in it. I particulaly like Genevieve Dionne's illustration and work, she works with many materials and mediums including woodburning, ceramics, drawing and painting. I really love these illustrations she has done on to wood, I got really into using the pyrography pen in Communication Technolgy 2 and have just got one of my own.

The detail in her work is so intricate and delicate. I love the portraits and composition in the woodburnings, the use of shadings and detail creates character. As I am drawing people for Visual Language, I am experimenting with the style and detail of the illustration to see what works best according to the stories I am working from. I don't know if I will be using wood burning for this project but the illustration style is relevant to help me think about what I want to do.


Beasts- Battle Scene



I have never added colour to wood burnings, I would like to look into how to add colour and play around.

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