Friday, 6 January 2012

Genevieve Dionne Ceramics

As I have recently discovered a love for ceramics and making during the Communication Technology 2 project, I am constantly seeing ceramic objects I really love that I would have never been looking out for previously and would have passed me by. I keep discovering artists/illustrators who do a lot of ceramics as well, applying their illustration onto what they make. This is something I began to investigate during Comm Tech and would like to experiment with further.

Genevieve Dionne is an illustrator/artist who applies her drawings in many ways onto wood as mentioned in my previous blogpost, she also applies them to ceramics, I really love the aesthetic and images she has tranferred onto the physical object.

Plant Pots

Pipe Smoking Fox


I did not get the chance to make bowls which I would like to try my hand at, the procress is long and tricky as Andy described. I love the simple black and white silhoette of the fox on this bowl.

I like it when illustrations are applied to the inside of ceramics as on the bowls below. I think it adds interesting detail and, as eating or drinking out of the bowl or cup, the illustration is slowly revealed! 

Little ice cream bowls

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