Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Alison Deegan

I really love this Lino Print by Alison Deegan. The blue colour is really atmospheric especially as it contrasts between bold and faded blue. The grain of the colour makes the image lively and the use of one colour prevents over complicating the image and lets you concentrate on the illustration within it.

 Alison Deegan on Folksy. As I am looking into selling my work online on sites such as Folksy and Etsy for the Live Project there are many aspects I need to research and look into such as pricing and postage. Alison Deegan does not frame her prints to prevent costs mounting, although she does do it up on request. She also states she likes to re use materials to pack and post the work to customers. This is something I would like to consider down the line, re using materials and packaging is good in cutting down costs and is eco friendly!

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