Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Where am I?

I have been struggling with gaining momentum with the project, I want to head in so many different directions and explore ways to combine illustration and making and not having and specific subject to explore in depth has been an issue. I have been looking at lots and lots of work but its all too much for my brain. I feel excited but overwhelmed and it has held me back this week.

I feel I need to start with a more simple approach by concentrating on getting drawing and sketching ideas. I got really into the subject and illustration style I was using in Visual Language and I want to be able to find a subject I can really explore in depth, developing my illustrations and characters whatever they may be into a zine/book format.  I have had time to think more and I love book binding and really want to to it and become more skilled and improve. I feel that keeping it simple and concentrating on my illustrations first will propel my ideas and keep me more focused. I intend to make my work to sell in the form of zines/books start with. The characters/themes within the books could then be made into stuffed toys, prints onto paper or material, postcards, combining the illustrations with other mediums. I am open to where ever it takes me. However, I feel if I concentrate on the development of illustrations/stories/characters first then this will lead me to making crafts/work more appropriate to subject as it develops more naturally.

I am going to focus my ideas and theme with Nature and People as they are two of my great interests and I feel that having a subject to explore in depth will benefit me greatly and create continuity within my illustrations and developing ideas.

I am going to discuss this with Marianne at the tutorial tomorrow and hopefully I will have a better week this week!

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