Thursday, 1 March 2012


After my tutorial with Marianne yesterday I am feeling much more clearer about what I am doing. I am going to focus on my illustrations and let the project lead me where ever it may. I intend to sell my work however I do not know exactly in what form. To begin with I am concentrating on the idea of creating prints/zines/books. I would like to develop book cover designs to produce notebooks/sketchbooks etc.


Create a series or individual illustrations inspired by Nature and People. Develop illustrations into prints/zines and any other format of making or image making technique with the intention to sell. As the project and illustrations develop as will the focus point of the project.

I feel excited and have a clearer mind. I am going to spend a few weeks illustrating and developing the project to have a body of work ready to develop into something I can sell.


  • Get illustrating, develop ideas and inspiration for the next few weeks, have a solid body of work to show in the group tutorial on 14/03/12.
  • Research into online shops, etsy, folksy and gallery shops; ongoing.
  • Start thinking about how to translate illustrations into prints/zines/postcards/book covers in order to sell, ask advice in tutorial.
  • Create a portfolio or more professional online blog.
  • 24/03/12- Bradford Zine Fair.
  • 29/03/12- Have printed/bound pieces of work as examples to show and present how I am going to sell them.
Easter Break

  • Carry on developing images/illustrations/prints ready to sell.
  • Look at how other artists sell online, set up an online shop.
  • Utilize the print room/book binding studio and resources in college, plan time around access to resources.
  • When resources are not available use time to research craft stalls and set up online shop and profile.
Project Deadline- 14/05/12

By the deadline I will...

  • have a body of work developed into a format to sell, whether it be prints, zines, the format will be lead through the project. 
  • have set up an online shop and work will be on there ready to sell. 
  • created a professional online portfolio.
  • have a good knowledge about pricing according to cost of materials etc.
  • developed illustration and making skills.

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