Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Easter Plans

I am going away for the first week of Easter so that will be my break from work besides a couple of days when I'll be visiting home. My plan is to stay in Leeds for the second week of Easter to develop my work ready to take into the workshops the third week starting 16th April as they are open then. I am hoping this means I will get a good amount of work done! 

 To do over Easter...

  • Email Cargo Collective and look into creating an online portfolio.
  • Prepare Grizzly Bear for screen printing onto paper and material.
  • Corn Exchange Exhibition, develop illustrations of Edith Piaf and Bruce Springsteen ready to screen print onto paper.
  • Grizzly Bear Zine.
  • Research and look into Etsy to create an online shop.
  • Garnets website illustrations, develop and get feedback off the band until happy!
  • Produce designs/prints to become hand bound book covers. 

Other things I need to start to develop and think about over Easter are-

  • Work placement/experience for summer.
  • CV.
As I do not think I have developed my work enough for the exhibition at the Corn Exchange I am going to get in touch with Emma Fish and see if it is okay to have it done by the last week of Easter when the workshops are open. I feel I haven't had enough time to push this part of my work and I think I can improve it to produce more in depth and interesting portraits. I intend to screen print the portraits.

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