Monday, 26 March 2012

RAG Week Village Fete

The fete was not very busy at all. The cafe was full but it seemed that no one really wanted to come over and look never mind buy anything! I sold a few books and zines and made approx. £10 which I gave towards Macmillan. This means I have lost about £8 as I didn't take any money for materials. I have lots of books left over so I'm thinking it would be good to put them onto an etsy shop which I am planning on creating and getting to grips with over Easter and I will be producing more artwork to put on there as well.

I feel like I worked really hard to make in time for the fete and it was not as successful as I hoped. I think that this will push me to get involved with things outside college which is a point Marianne and I discussed in my last tutorial. It would be good to get involved with events/exhibitions etc that are out of the college domain which may be more eventful and successful.

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