Saturday, 17 March 2012

RAG Village Fete Preparation

I have been busy book binding for the fete which has been really really fun, its nice to get stuck in book binding again. I have kept the book binding technique simple, using single signature pamphlets as I want to make lots to sell at the fete at affordable prices to make as many as I can. The more intricate techniques such as hard back multi signature pamphlets are more time consuming and pricey which means I would have to charge more and wouldn't be able to make as many books. I am going to make some more books using different techniques during Easter though, designing illustrations or prints for the covers.

I have kept the theme of the stall as Bears and Mountains. I have hand drawn on to the covers as it makes each one individual and adds to the handmade aesthetic I love so much. I have used different weights and types of papers including cartridge paper, yellow paper, news print, squared paper. I have made a variety of sizes; A6, A5, Square small, A4. I hope people buy them!

To do...

Illustrations and ideas for some postcards for the fete. Maybe using some of the same illustrations as on the books? Gives options of things to buy and amounts to spend!

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